Franken Declares Victory

Al Franken’s campaign is predicting that, when the recount concludes, they’ll emerge the winners:

The Franken campaign unveiled earlier today their final estimate of where this recount will end up, now that the state canvassing board has finished ruling on over a thousand disputed ballots: They believe they are ahead by 35-50 votes.


Bear in mind, however, that this will hardly be the end of it — there is still a whole lot of legal wrangling over the wrongly-rejected absentee ballots, plus the Coleman campaign’s claim that some other absentees were actually counted twice. But whoever is ahead after this leg of the process will be very, very likely to win when it’s all over.

Norm Coleman won’t go down without a fight–we’ll only know who has won this election after the courts have their say.  But it’s unlikely that the court would rule in a way that would reverse the results of the recount, lest it appear that they’re allowing one campaign or the other to trump the will of the people.

Coming out on top after the recount will give Franken a huge advantage in the coming court battle.  Now it’s just a question of who will file what motions and how long it will take for them to be ruled on.