Anti-Working-Class Conservatives

Or at least that’s what it looks like if you examine the defeat of the automaker rescue bill.

Countdown gives us a behind-the-scenes look into why Senate Republicans killed that legislation:

In short, Republicans wanted the United Auto Workers union to take pay cuts in 2009, on top of concessions the union already agreed to on health care, supplemental pay for laid off workers, wages, and even a concession to make UAW worker pay equal to the pay at non-union foreign shops.

But the UAW said that either all stakeholders–including management, creditors, investors, etc.–had to renegotiate their salaries or the pay cuts would have to wait 2 years until the current labor contracts expired.

That wasn’t good enough for Senate Republicans, who–for whatever bizarre reason– wanted workers to take a pay cut now, and didn’t want any of the executives or other stakeholders–including a lot of folks actually responsible for the big three’s financial problems–to have to sacrifice at all.

It’s clear that the GOP was dealing in bad faith.  They didn’t care about fiscal responsibility or using taxpayer money wisely–they just wanted to use the power of the federal government to attack unionized labor and to force worker’s wages down.

The GOP was willing to kill an entire American industry and throw thousands–if not millions–of workers to the wolves because they couldn’t force the UAW to cut wages they had rightfully fought for and earned.