MN-SEN: Coleman Goes To Court

Since the beginning of the Minnesota recount, conservatives have been warning that Al Franken was going to “steal” the election and that he was going to use the courts to litigate his way into office…

Well, today the MN canvassing board sided with Al Franken on re-examining wrongly-rejected absentee ballots.  And guess who‘s going to court to challenge that decision:

Coleman Seeks Court Order To Stop Vote Count

The Coleman camp is asking the state Supremes to stop any counting of the ballots, delaying it until such time as a standard procedure for reviewing them can be drawn up, which the Coleman camp appears to claim doesn’t exist yet — basically invoking a key legal argument from the Bush v. Gore decision back in 2000.

The problem with this argument: A standard procedure was already set forth by the canvassing board a week and a half ago.


It’s as yet unknown when when the state Supremes might rule on this, but it doesn’t seem too likely that the court will shut down the count. Two of the judges, both of them GOP appointees, are also members of that very canvassing board that voted unanimously to allow the count today. Even if they recused themselves, it’s hard to imagine the other judges contradicting them in the middle of an ongoing count.

Time and time again, Norm Coleman tries to find some way to keep ballots from being counted.  What is he afraid of? If he thinks he legitimately got more votes than Franken, why is he trying nearly every legal trick imaginable to exclude large amounts of ballots from the recount?

I don’t know how this recount will end.  But I know that every legitimately-cast vote should be counted, and the fact that Coleman is trying to keep legitimate votes out of the recount is extremely telling.