Nothing There (UPDATED)

Conservatives are just desperate to find some way to link President-Elect Barack Obama to the Rod Blagojevich scandal.

But–unfortunately for them–there’s just nothing there.  Patrick Fitzgerald, the rock-solid prosecutor in this case, has said:

“[T]he complaint makes no allegations about the president-elect whatsoever. We make no allegations that he’s aware of anything, and that’s as simply as I can put it.”

And if you read through the 78-page criminal complaint against Governor Blagojevich, there’s one name you won’t find anywhere in there: Barack Obama.

Face it, guys, Obama’s not involved.  Blagojevich was trying to sell the Senate seat behind his back.  In fact, on a number of occasions, federal investigators caught Blagojevich on tape complaining that the Obama team wouldn’t play ball:

In fact, in taped remarks included in the complaint — which, like many of Blagojevich’s conversations gleaned from federal wiretaps or bugs in his office, are laced with profanities — the governor complains that Obama’s staff “is not willing to give me anything but appreciation. … (Expletive) them.”

Blagojevich’s taped complaints that he wouldn’t get anything for appointing Obama’s top choice to the Senate seat likely allows the president-elect to come out “smelling like a rose while all these other folks are swimming in a sewer,” said American University political historian Allan Lichtman.

[Emphasis mine]

This is just like the Rezko non-scandal and the Ayers non-scandal; no matter how much Republicans huff and puff, there’s just nothing there. Barack Obama isn’t–and hasn’t–been involved in any shady dealings, period.

You think that–after wasting the Presidential campaign fruitlessly barking up these trees–conservatives would find something more constructive to do with their time.  But this just shows how empty and pointless the conservative movement truly is–they have no ideas left to run on and no policies to push, so all they can do is spend their time throwing mud at Obama and praying that it sticks.

Sorry, guys, but you’re not going to derail Obama’s presidency this easy. Better luck next time and all that.

UPDATE: Sadly, No! has a good take on this.


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