Now & Then (UPDATED)

RNC Chairman Mike Duncan on Rod Blagojevich:

Leaders of both political parties have a responsibility to clearly condemn the actions by Governor Rod Blagojevich as alleged by federal prosecutors today. Americans expect strong leadership, but President-elect Barack Obama’s comments on the matter are insufficient at best.

RNC Chairman Mike Duncan on Ted Stevens:

Obviously, I’m very concerned. It’s a serious allegation. The prosecutor said that it was the beginning of the process and that we should all keep in mind that it is an allegation, that no one has been convicted. With all that being said, I’m anxious to hear from the senator.

So, according to Duncan, leaders of both political parties have a responsibility to condemn Democrats accused of corruption, but when it’s a Republican we should just wait and see because it’s just an allegation and nobody has been convicted yet.

Glad to see that good old-fashioned Republican hypocrisy is still alive and well.

UPDATE: I wonder what Mike Duncan & co. have to say about the FBI investigating Norm Coleman.


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