Serious People

It looks like that the adults will soon be back in charge:

No one could remember a meeting quite like this.

President-elect Barack Obama met with the nation’s governors Tuesday to hear their tales of economic pain – and won some points by telling Republicans in the room that he welcomed disagreements, “so feel free,” one participant recalled.


The gesture went over well with the GOP executives, many of whom were getting their first chance to take the measure of the new president up-close, including two who may challenge him for the White House in four years.

Obama used the hour-plus session today to discuss the upcoming stimulus package, and he pledged to partner with the chief executives as they grapple with budget deficits wrought by the economic downturn.


But for the most part, the governors, meeting at historic Congress Hall in Philadelphia for the annual meeting of the National Governor’s Association, were taken with Obama’s openness, policy depth and just that he showed up to engage in a real back and forth, a move none could recall on the part of a newly elected president.


“The contrast with our meeting with the sitting president was fairly stark,” said Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen, recalling a “much more controlled” environment with President George W. Bush.

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, the incoming head of the DGA, was more blunt: “Just to have an administration, a president, a vice president, who listened, engaged, and came to meeting prepared — it’s a brand-new idea.”

(h/t Steve Benen)

Republicans aren’t serious people; they haven’t been for a long time.

They turned our political system into a game, twisting nearly every issue into a change to score points for their team.  They acted like their actions wouldn’t have any consequences.  They sat by while our country collapsed around them and tried to blame everyone but themselves for it.  The worst of them wrapped themselves in the flag and attacked anyone who criticized them as disloyal or unpatriotic. The last eight years have been a sad lesson in just how childish and petty our politics can become.

But now we have an incoming President who is treating being President of the United States like a the serious job it is.  We have someone willing to tackle tough issues and implement the best solution instead of twisting the situation to his own political benefit.  We have someone willing to listen to dissenting opinions and willing to find merit in opposing viewpoints.

The adults are back in charge again.  Let nobody forget how poorly the GOP governed from 2001-2009 and let nobody forget how it took a massive Democratic majority to right their wrongs and clean up their messes.


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