Steele Or Slag?

Failed Senate candidate and former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele has a new website up touting his campaign to become Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

It’s a shiny website, complete with custom graphics, videos, a text messaging network, links to social networking sites and interesting things like that.

But if you try to find what Steele’s ideas or policies are, well, this is what you’ll find under the “Steele Plan” section of the website: 

Steele Plan

Coming Soon!

There are the Republican Party’s problems in a nutshell–all style, no substance.  All of their focus is on tactics and none of it is on their policies.  As we saw with John McCain, you can’t win an election unless your campaign is based on good ideas.

Republicans lost in 2006 and 2008 because they controlled the federal government for 6 years and they implemented conservative policies that left our nation in it’s worst state since the Great Depression.  Shiny new websites and better using Facebook won’t change the fact that the GOP is in dire need of new, innovative ideas that represent a drastic departure from the Bush years.

My advice to Republicans: find someone with good ideas.  They might not have the name recognition or star power of Michael Steele, but you guys need a workhorse who’s going to guide your party in a new direction, not someone who’s simply going to repackage 28-year old ideas.


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