Dump Saxby, Part II (UPDATED)

There’s something odd going on in Cobb County, Georgia, where thousands of RNC-sponsored ballot request forms are being mailed in without signatures:

Many of the unsigned requests came in the form of cards printed by the Republican National Committee and mailed to voters. Republican U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss is in a tight battle to retain his seat by beating Democratic challenger Jim Martin.


Cobb County received about 7,075 of the cards from voters that were not signed, about 44 percent of the cards received. ‘We’ve never seen anything near that ratio,’ registration manager Beth Kish said.

DeKalb County election officials have received 5,000 applications from the RNC mailing and rejected 2,800 of them.

[Emphasis mine]

So either the RNC is so incompetent they disenfranchised nearly 3,000 of their own voters, or they’re requesting ballots for people who don’t exist.

Meanwhile, Saxby Chambliss skipped a Senate vote to extend unemployment benefits in order to give a speech on  unemployment. No, I’m not kidding. You know, Senator, instead of giving speeches about how you want to help people, you can instead go to the Senate and vote to actually help people.

Finally, far-right group Freedom’s Watch has launched a despicable ad against Jim Martin, criticizing him for  being soft on crime.

Here’s the problem:

Martin’s daughter was kidnapped when she was eight years old. In a new ad, he states, “You never forget the horror of coming face-to-face with violent crime. … I never forgot the way she trembled when she faced her kidnapper in court. That’s why I fought so hard to crack down on violent crime.”


Martin’s tough-on-crime record has been praised by people such as former senator Zell Miller, who is now backing Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) in the state’s tough run-off election. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 2/21/97]

[Emphasis mine]

Here’s Martin’s response:

Even though Freedom’s Watch is carrying water for Saxby Chambliss, I doubt Saxby himself will ever do the right thing and denounce this ad.

Which is just one more reason Georgia should dump Saxby on December 2nd.

UPDATE: The NRSC is also running an ad calling Martin soft on crime; clearly there’s a pattern emerging.  Meanwhile, Saxby Chambliss’ silence is deafening…