Fred Thompson Retires

The man once touted as the savior of conservatism and the new Ronald Reagan is dropping his bid to become RNC chairman and leaving politics for good:

[Thompson’s] former finance chairman, B.C. “Scooter” Clippard, said Thompson told him Wednesday that he was returning to acting and dropping his RNC bid.

“He seriously considered it, but he called and said that it was not in the cards,” Clippard said.

I never understood the Thompson boomlet–Fred Thompson wasn’t a very interesting candidate nor did he offer any new ideas or innovative policies.

Thompson was, from the beginning, an uninteresting cookie-cutter conservative.  Though, considering some of the other candidates who ran, maybe being a bland run-of-the-mill Republican was an advantage.

But Thompson was always a better actor than politician, and I’m glad to see him going back to what he’s best at.  Plus, he’ll make a lot more money acting.


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