Dump Saxby

There's a better choice.

On December 2nd, Georgians will go to the polls and decide whether they want to keep Saxby Chambliss or replace him with Jim Martin.

But before they vote, there are some things all Georgians should know about Saxby:

In February 2008, an explosion at the Imperial Sugar Factory in Savannah [Georgia], caused largely by combustible dust particles, killed 14 workers and injured 40. The whistleblower who brought the issue to light came before Capitol Hill to testify on the matter. Chambliss sat in on the hearing, though he was not part of the Senate Subcommittee on Employment and Workplace Safety. He was accused by his opponents of verbally harassing the whistleblower. Moreover, Chambliss continued to oppose a new combustible dust standard at the plant even after the explosion. Finally, when families of the victims filed a lawsuit, the Senator refused to give evidence or testimony, citing Senatorial immunity, which doesn’t actually exist.

[Emphasis mine]

Senatorial immunity doesn’t exist because we have the right to hold our elected officials accountable, considering that we pay their salaries and put them in office in the first place.

If Saxby knows something about the Imperial Sugar explosion–or if he has some kind of conflict of interest–he needs to come clean.  And if he’s innocent, well then there’s no reason for him to not testify.

When asked about the Imperial Sugar incident, this was Saxby’s response:

We deserve better than that.  Politicians shouldn’t attack citizens who ask them tough questions, period. We have the right to hold Saxby accountable as an elected official, and his attempts to deny us that right are just shameful.

Fortunately, Georgia does have an alternative; they have a first-rate candidate in Jim Martin.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution said it best:

Martin, the Democrat, has been a fighter for the little guy throughout his life, and he’s proved effective in that role. He served his country in the U.S. Army in Vietnam and as a state legislator, lawyer and head of the state Department of Human Resources. Throughout his public life he has been known as a workhorse not a showhorse, someone whose first concern was getting the job done well rather than trying to get the credit.

Georgians, your choice is clear.  Do you want to keep a Senator who thinks he’s better than all of you, or do you want to replace him with someone who has always worked for you?

As the AJC said, “For most Georgians, the answer is Martin.” I couldn’t agree more.