BREAKING: Attorney General Mukasey Collapses During Speech (UPDATED)

Here’s the rundown from TPM:

Attorney General Michael Mukasey collapsed this evening while giving a speech to Federalist Society in Washington, DC. The only further word we’ve been able to find is from Mike Allen at The Politico, who says that as of 10:30 PM, “medical officials were still working on him on the stage.”

Late Update: From the AP, “Associate Attorney General Kevin O’Connor says Mukasey began shaking during a speech to the Federalist Society and collapsed. He did not immediately regain consciousness.”

Late Update Two: We’re still following this closely, now just minutes after 11 PM. As best we can tell no news service has any new substantive information about the AG’s health, other than the initial news that he began slurring his speech and then shaking and then collapsed. There seems to be no solid information about whether he regained consciousness.

[Emphasis mine]

UPDATE: It looks like he’s going to be okay:

According to a Justice Department statement just moments ago, doctors at George Washington University Hospital gave him various stress and cardiac tests overnight. And they all came up normal. So they appear to have ruled out a stroke or cardiac event. And they expect he’ll be released from the hospital later today.