MN-SEN, AK-SEN: Things Looking Up

In Minnesota, only 206 votes separate incumbent Senator Norm Coleman from challenger Al Franken. It’s a narrow enough margin to trigger an automatic recount; the vote will be certified on November 19th, so that’s when the recount will start. It’s hard to tell who’ll benefit most from the recount, but considering that Norm Coleman is lawyering up, he clearly thinks it won’t be him.

And in Alaska, Democrat Mark Begich now leads seven-time convicted felon Ted Stevens by 3 votes. See for yourself:

Begich, Mark DEM 125,019 47.24%

Stevens, Ted REP 125,016 47.24%

Ted Stevens started today out with a nearly 4,000 vote lead; the fact that it was erased in just one day of vote counting does not look good for Alaska’s senior Senator.

More updates as they come in…


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  1. Don · November 19, 2008

    Looks like acorn people are hard at work again. WE need to revise voting procedures.

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