The AP has uncalled MN-SEN; they were projecting a Coleman win, but now they have changed it back to too close to call.

Coleman and Franken are only separated by only 570 votes out of 2,858,496 cast; that triggers an automatic recount, which may tilt the race in a different direction.

AK-SEN, OR-SEN and GA-SEN are all still out. If Ted Stevens wins in AK he will be ejected from the Senate and Governor Palin will appoint his replacement. In GA, if Jim Martin can get Saxby Chambliss below 50% there will be a runoff election.

UPDATE: Now Franken is only down 314 votes; there has been no change of note in any other Senate race.

UPDATE II: Now Franken is down by about 900.

UPDATE III: OR-SEN has tightened–Merkley is now trailing Smith by only 6,802 votes; both candidates have 47% of the vote.

UPDATE IV: As of 6:10 PM Eastern, Jeff Merkley now leads Gordon Smith by 1,157 votes (out of 1,290,265 cast). In MN, Coleman is leading Franken by just 477 votes (out of 2,860,193 cast).