The first polls close in IN and KY in a little less than a half hour. I don’t expect much to be called that early, but that will give us a first taste of how things will turn out.

I’ll bring them to you as they come.

UPDATE: No serious reporting yet– 1% in IN and 0% in KY. Plus, no network will call it until the rest of the state finished voting in about a half hour.

UPDATE II: With 3% reporting, McCain is leading in IN 50% to 49%. In KY, 9% is reporting and McCain is leading 51% to 48%.

UPDATE III: The networks are calls KY for McCain and Vermont for Obama. They have also called VA-SEN for Mark Warner. The Democrats now have 52 seats in the Senate.

UPDATE IV: The KY-SEN race is exactly tied, 50%-50%. And with 1% reporting, McCain leads in VA 55% to 44%.

UPDATE V: FOX is calling WV for Obama; count one long-shot out. In VA, 3% is reporting and McCain leads 54% to 46%. In IN, with 14% reporting, McCain leads 52% to 47%. In FL, with 2% reporting, Obama leads 55% to 37%.

UPDATE VI: The nets are calling SC for McCain; that’s 3 EV for Obama and 16 EV for McCain so far. IN, VA, Fl and OH are all too close to call.

UPDATE VII: ME, NH, MA, CT, NJ, DE, MD, DC and IL have been called for Obama; TN, OK have been called for McCain. Right now it’s 77 EV for Obama and 34 EV for McCain.

UPDATE VIII: They are calling Jeanne Shaheen in NH and Kay Hagan in NC; that gives the Democrats 54 Senate seats.

UPDATE IX: McCain wins GA and AL; it’s now 103 Obama to 58 McCain

UPDATE X: Obama wins MI, WI, NY, RI and MN; McCain wins WY and ND. It’s now 174 EV for Obama to 49 EV for McCain

UPDATE XI: They are calling NM-SEN for Tom Udall; that is 55 Democrats in the Senate.

UPDATE XII: They are calling WY, NE and AR for McCain; it’s now 175 Obama to 76 McCain

UPDATE XIII: FOX and MSNBC are calling Ohio for Obama; now it’s 195 to 76, Obama leads.

UPDATE XIV: They are calling NM for Obama and Louisiana for McCain; it is now 200 Obama, 85 McCain

UPDATE XV: They are calling IA for Obama, TX, UT, for McCain. It’s now 199 Obama, 112 McCain.

UPDATE XVI: Chris Shays concedes; there are no more Republican Congressmen left in New England.

UPDATE XVII: SD has rejected an abortion ban and CO has rejected defining fertilization as the start of life. Waiting for more states to be called.

UPDATE XVIII: Contrary to the desires of right-wing bloggers, PA’s John Murtha has been re-elected.

UPDATE XIX: SD goes for McCain. It’s now 207 Obama to 138 McCain. Marijuana decriminalization has passed in MA, as has the decriminalization of medial marijuana in MI.

UPDATE XX: FOX and NPR called VA for Obama. It’s now 220 EV Obama vs. 135 EV McCain