“Redistribution Of Wealth”

Lately, the McCain-Palin campaign has been attacking Barack Obama’s economic plan–they’re criticizing him for wanting to “spread the wealth around.” John McCain attacked Obama as wanting to “redistribute wealth,” going as far as saying Obama wants to be “redistributor in chief.”

That’s some pretty extreme rhetoric considering that all Obama wants to do is raise taxes on people earning $250,000 a year and cut taxes for everyone making $200,000 or less a year.  I mean, since when did Republicans start opposing tax cuts?

Plus, this is some pretty big hypocrisy coming from the Republican Party, considering that:

  • 169 out of 202 Republicans in the House of Representatives voted for the economic stimulus package proposed earlier this year.
  • 33 out of 49 Republicans in the Senate–including John McCain–voted for that same economic stimulus package.
  • And Republican President George W. Bush signed the economic stimulus package into law.

The problem? Well, the economic stimulus package is a textbook example of “spreading the wealth around.”  The federal government collected everyone’s tax money–the poor paid little, the middle-class paid more and wealthy paid the most–and wrote everyone a check for $600.  That’s the very definition of “redistributing wealth”and the Republicans had no problem with it.

Let’s be honest, the issue here isn’t “redistributing wealth” or “spreading the wealth around;” the issue here is a hypocritical political party that has no problem taking one position, then turns around and attacks their political opponents for taking a similar position.

I guess it’s just another example of the Chameleon Party showing its true colors, but that doesn’t make it any less hypocritical.