If you haven’t seen it, this is Barack Obama’s 30-minute campaign commercial that aired last night:

Notice anything missing from this video?

Attacks on John McCain.

There is not one attack on John McCain anywhere in this entire video. It’s 30 minutes of Barack Obama talking about what he will do as President to make this country better; it’s 30 minutes of ideas and proposals and solutions with no mudslinging whatsoever.

Look at how far the Democrats have come since 2004, when our Presidential candidate’s message boiled down to “vote for me, I’m not the other guy.”

And look at how far the Republicans have fallen since then–what’s the core of John McCain’s message? “Vote for me, I’m not the other guy.”

Let’s face it, the Democratic Party has become the party of ideas while the Republican Party has become the party of mudslinging and personal attacks. I don’t doubt that there are a lot of Republicans out there who have some good ideas worth trying, but– unfortunately for them–they aren’t the leaders of their Party. I suspect it will take a long time for the GOP to find it’s soul once again.

For now, though, the choice is clear–Barack Obama wants to move our country forward, while John McCain wants you to know he’s not Barack Obama. Which one sounds like he’d make a better President to you?