Stupid Republican Tricks: Campaign Finance Edition (UPDATED)

Breaking News: conservatives make fraudulent donations to the Obama campaign, find that fraudulent donations have been made to the Obama campaign.

Funny how that works.

But pay no attention to this:

Public records have exposed questionable donations to McCain’s campaign. In August, the campaign announced it would return roughly $50,000 from American residents that were bundled by Mustafa Abu Naba’a, who is a dual citizen of Jordan and the Dominican Republic. McCain’s donations, which can be viewed at the FEC or at his Web site, also show more than 650 donors with no identifying information.


Yet in at least 650 cases, including many who donated less than $50, or even less than $1, the donors were listed as anonymous. McCain’s campaign web site does not reveal donors’ employers, hindering outside oversight.

[Emphasis mine]

I guess it’s okay if you’re a Republican.

UPDATE: Then there’s this:

In a paper outlining those safeguards, provided to The Washington Post, the [Obama] campaign said it runs twice-daily sweeps of new donations, looking for irregularities. Flagged contributions are manually reviewed by a team of lawyers, then cleared or refunded. Reports of misused credit cards lead to immediate refunds.

In September, according to the campaign, $1.8 million in online contributions was flagged, and $353,000 was refunded. Of the contributions flagged because a foreign address or bank account was involved, 94.1 percent were found to be proper. One-tenth of one percent were marked for refund, and 5.77 percent are still being vetted.


Obama officials said they have identified similar irregularities in the finance records of their Republican rival, Sen. John McCain. “Every campaign faces these challenges — John McCain’s campaign has refunded more than $1.2 million in contributions from anonymous, excessive and fraudulent contributors — and we have reviewed and strengthened our procedures to ensure that the contributions the campaign accepts are appropriate,” said Ben LaBolt, an Obama spokesman.

McCain’s contributor database shows at least 201 donations from individuals listing themselves as “anonymous” or “anonymous anonymous,” according to Obama’s campaign. In one particularly embarrassing episode, the McCain campaign mistakenly sent a fundraising solicitation to the Russian ambassador to the United Nations.

[Emphasis mine]