GOP In Full Retreat

Yesterday, I wrote about John McCain retreating from a number of states that are leaning strongly toward Barack Obama.

But retreat has become endemic in the Republican Party–they abandoned Minnesota McCarthyite Michele Bachmann a few days ago; now she’s trailing her Democratic challenger, Elwyn Tinklenberg, 44% to 47%.

The GOP is also abandoning Colorado’s Marilyn Musgrave (who once claimed that gay marriage was the most important issue America faced); now Musgrave is trailing her Democratic challenger, Betsy Markey,  by anywhere from 7% to 9%.

In addition, the National Republican Senatorial Committee is giving up on Bob Schaffer, the Colorado Congressman running to replace retiring Republican Sen. Wayne Allard.  Pollster shows his Democratic opponent, Rep. Mark Udall, beating Schaffer 47.3% to 39.5%.

The number of battlegrounds are narrowing rapidly, and the Republican Party no longer has the resources to be competitive anymore.  At this point, they’re just trying to stop the bleeding.