All But Conceding

Read between the lines:

Republican John McCain is not going to make his election night remarks in the traditional style _ at a podium standing in front of a sea of campaign workers jammed into a hotel ballroom. Oh, the throng of supporters will hold the usual election night party at the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix on the evening of Nov. 4.

But the Republican presidential nominee plans to address another group of supporters and a small group of reporters on the hotel lawn; his remarks will be simultaneously piped electronically to the party inside and other reporters in a media filing center, aides said.

Aides said Thursday that the arrangement was the result of space limitations and that McCain might drop by the election watch party at some other point.

Only a small press “pool” _ mostly those who have traveled regularly with the candidate on his campaign plane, plus a few local Arizona reporters and other guests _ will be physically present when McCain speaks.

[Emphasis added]

So there will be a huge party of supporters–but McCain won’t be there.  He’ll stand before his hotel and talk to a small group of people and a handful of reporters.

That doesn’t sound like he plans on winning; it sounds like he’s planning on conceding, and trying to do so in front of the smallest audience possible in a place where he can easily withdraw out of the spotlight.

And they’re citing space limitations? You’re a Presidential campaign–you can’t find a place with more space? You can’t find a way to make more space in the room you have? Come on.

This story only makes sense in the context of John McCain realizing he is far more likely to  end up giving a concession speech than taking a victory lap.