ACORN This!, Part Six

More Republican voter suppression for you:

John McCain paid $175,000 of campaign money to a Republican operative accused of massive voter registration fraud in several states, it has emerged.

As the McCain camp attempts to tie Barack Obama to claims of registration irregularities by the activist group ACORN, campaign finance records detailing the payment to the firm of Nathan Sproul, investigated several times for fraud, threatens to derail that argument.

The documents show that a joint committee of the McCain-Palin campaign, the Republican National Committee and the California Republican Party, made the payment to Lincoln Strategy, of which Mr Sproul is the managing partner, for the purposes of “voter registration”.

Mr Sproul has been investigated on numerous occasions for preventing Democrats from voting, destroying registration forms and leading efforts to get Ralph Nader on ballots to leach the Democratic vote.


In Minnesota in 2004, his firm was accused of sacking workers who submitted Democratic registration forms, while other canvassers were allegedly paid bonuses for registering Bush voters. There were similar charges in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Oregon and Nevada.


[Sproul] has also donated $30,000 to the ticket and received at least another $37,000 directly from the RNC

The GOP and McCain-Palin are hiring guys with documented histories of committing voter registration fraud, voter fraud, and voter suppression.

But a group of community organizers on a shoestring budget are somehow a bigger threat to democracy? What kind of sense does that make?

Let’s put this ACORN nonsense to bed once and for all–voter suppression and manipulation has always been a Republican dirty trick, and this election has been no exception.