ACORN This!, Part 2

Justice in Big Sky Country.

More GOP voter suppression shenanigans crash and burn, this time in Montana:

In an unusual move three weeks before the election and after a failed attempt to challenge voter registrations in some Democratic strongholds, the Montana Republican Party said Tuesday night it was changing executive directors.

Former state Rep. Larry Grinde of Lewistown was named the party’s executive director after Jake Eaton resigned “to pursue other interests,” the news release said.


Last week, rumors were running rampant in political circles that Eaton would be pushed out because of the much-criticized effort to challenge voter registrations in seven heavily Democratic counties.


Montana Democrats, charging it was an attempt to suppress voter turnout, went to federal court to block the effort.

U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy of Missoula didn’t rule in the case, but issued a strongly worded order blasting the Republicans.

“The timing of these challenges is so transparent that it defies common sense to believe the purpose is anything but political chicanery,” Molloy wrote.

On Friday, Democrats dropped the lawsuit after Secretary of State Brad Johnson, a Republican, filed court documents saying similar voter challenges should be rejected in the future. The Republicans had withdrawn their challenges earlier last week.

[h/t TPM]

Remember, whenever conservatives go off on ACORN they’re just trying to draw attention away from their illegal voter intimidation programs.