Only in Republican America

Now, on the one hand, Republicans are whining about ACORN’s non-existent ‘voter fraud’.

On the other hand, the GOP’s voter suppression program was just determined to be illegal by a U.S. District Judge in Michigan:

The American Civil Liberties Union is trumpeting a judge’s decision in Michigan which brings to a halt the practice of eliminating voters from rolls if their mailing address is found to be invalid.


The suit, filed by ACLU national and ACLU of Michigan, along with the Advancement Project, aimed to protect voters whose registration cards were returned to government offices by post as ‘undeliverable.’ Judge Stephen J. Murphy of the U.S. District Court of Michigan’s Eastern District concluded that the program of eliminating these voters from rolls is in violation of federal law.

The voter purge program, better known to elections integrity experts as ‘voter caging,’ is a long-storied GOP tactic employed against minority, student and low-income voters. In September, the Obama campaign filed a lawsuit in Michigan challenging the illegal tactic.


“More than 1,400 voters in that category have been disqualified so far in 2008,” reports the Associated Press. “The judge says it’s unclear how many cancellations actually are wrong but it’s a violation of federal law. Murphy says those people shouldn’t be prevented from voting if they can produce more proof of residency at the polls.”

This program has a very detrimental impact in minority, low-income and student communities across Michigan,” claims an ACLU advisory. “These communities tend to be more transient and to live in multi-family housing.”

[Emphasis added]

And don’t forget these examples of typical GOP voter suppression:

So Republicans are foaming-at-the-mouth over ACORN’s ‘voter fraud,’ even though not one fraudulent vote has been cast and it’s unlikely that any will be (for reasons explained here).

But at the same time, those same Republicans are using illegal tactics to purge thousands of duly-registered voters from the rolls. They’re also intimidating potential voters to keep them away from the polls on election day.

That’s the Republican Party for you–if they’re complaining about something, they’re probably doing that something themselves.