BREAKING: Sarah Palin Abused Power, Broke Law

Corrupt. Unlawful.

The Troopergate report has been released and the findings are devastating:

Sarah Palin unlawfully abused her power as governor by trying to have her former brother-in-law fired as a state trooper, the chief investigator of an Alaska legislative panel concluded Friday. The politically charged inquiry imperiled her reputation as a reformer on John McCain’s Republican ticket.

Investigator Stephen Branchflower, in a report to a bipartisan panel that looked into the matter, found Palin in violation of a state ethics law that prohibits public officials from using their office for personal gain.


Branchflower said Palin violated a statute of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act.

The report is a terrible development for the McCain-Palin campaign.  They’re promising the American people reform, but here Sarah Palin is improperly using her office to resolve a personal vendetta–the same kind of inappropriate politicking and abuse of power that are practically trademarked by George W. Bush.

WIth 24 days left until the election, the American people are already wary about McCain-Palin.  After they hear about this, I guarantee they’ll be even less willing to put either of them in the White House.  McCain didn’t have much of a chance before, but you can definitely call this another nail in his campaign’s coffin.

You can read the full report here.