Kitchen Sink, Cont’d

John McCain is hoping to throw this all the way to the White House.

It hasn’t been more than a few days since the McCain-Palin campaign debuted their new strategy and we’ve  already had to call in the fact-checkers:

No credible news organization has ever found a link between Obama and Ayers. But, that didn’t stop Palin. The reviews are in. AP calls her claim “unsubstantiated.” CNN’s Truth Squad, as you can see from Jed’s latest video, calls the claim “False.” In other words, she’s lying. She’s lying to distract the discussion from the economy. She wants to change the subject

Personally, I wonder how much McCain and Palin paid for Hillary Clinton’s old playbook, and I wonder if they knew they were being ripped off when they bought it.

I mean, this is the same ‘kitchen sink’ strategy Hillary used in the waning days of the Democratic Primary: throw every attack you can at Obama hope it’s enough to cost him the election.  But it didn’t work then, and that was back when these attacks were fresh; now they’re as stale as eight-month-old attack ads. McCain-Palin are going to waste the precious last days of the election re-hashing yesterday’s news, and it’s not going to do them any good.

I mean, I can understand why they’re doing it–McCain and Palin’s economic policies are abjectly, undeniably terrible. They’re desperate to turn the page on the economy (even though the American people can’t turn the page on our jobs or our retirements or our mortgages or our student loans). Problem is, McCain is already hugely unpopular; recklessly chucking a kitchen sink at his opponent won’t win him any votes:

That red line right there is what’s going to keep John McCain from the White House.  And–unfortunately for him–this final phase of his campaign is only going to make his problem worse, not better.

Need proof? Just ask Hillary Clinton.