Looks like change.

Not by a lot, but Joe Biden just won the vice presidential debate.

I was watching CNN, which had a graph showing the response of their focus group at the bottom of the screen. Toward the beginning, Palin got pretty good ratings and Biden didn’t do so well. But as the debate went on, it seemed like Biden hit his stride and Palin ran out of talking points.

In the latter part of the debate, Biden got consistently high ratings, while Palin’s were a bit more like an EKG. And she ended up heavily relying on re-quoting Reagan and re-hashing talking points, while Biden spoke from the heart.

I think the defining moment was when Biden was talking about the personal tragedy he went through with his family, and Palin responded by talking about how great John McCain was. One came off as authentic; the other came off as a campaign shill.

I mean, the reason for Biden’s win was clear–Sarah Palin spoke from a script, Joe Biden spoke from experience. The Vice President should know what they’re doing–they shouldn’t need a team of advisers to tell them what to say and what to believe.

So. tonight was a slight win to Biden. But I don’t think anything really changed–I think that, come tomorrow, Obama will lead by as much as he lead by today and yesterday. But tonight Joe Biden showed he was fit to be President; Sarah Palin showed she could read talking points well.

UPDATE: Here’s a CBS poll of undecided voters that just came out:

46%: Biden won

21%: Palin won

33: Draw


51% Biden

36%  Palin


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  1. James Roberts · October 2, 2008

    I don’t want my elected officials to be normal people. I don’t want my firemen or police women to be normal people. I want them to be filled with passion for the demands of the job that is just not present in normal people. I didn’t love politics growing up but you can tell Biden, McCain, Obama did but Palin did not. She talks like I talk at my office and that scares me, at one point she said she just been at this for 5 months, we have some serious problems facing this nation and she scares me, and McCain scares me because he picked her. I don’t know about his voting record in the Senate, but I do know that he made one decision as the Republican party Presidential nominee and that was choosing Palin and she is a PTA (Governor) swimming with Sharks. Forget Alaska, Alaska is not Texas, Texas is not California, California is not Michigan, Michigan is not Kansas. What worked in the wilderness of Alaska will not work in the deserts of New Mexico.

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