Incompetent Or Crybabies? (UPDATED)

You decide!

Yesterday, the Republican caucus failed to deliver enough votes on the economic rescue plan, despite what they promised Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats.

That would make them incompetent.

But afterward, while the stock market was plummeting, they blamed Pelosi herself for the failure, claiming she gave a ‘partisan’ speech that ‘poisoned’ the voting process.

That would make them crybabies.

So, question is, are the Republicans incompetent or crybabies? Do they have such poor leadership that they couldn’t stop two-thirds of their caucus from voting against them? Or are they such crybabies that more than a dozen Republicans were willing to put their precious egos ahead of the good of the country?

Well, according to yesterday’s Roll Call, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) claimed that Pelosi’s speech wasn’t the motivator and that she had ‘principled’ reasons for voting against the rescue bill. And on MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, Rep. John Shadegg (R-AZ) said basically the same thing. In fact, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a Republican willing to admit that Nancy Pelosi’s mean old speech caused them to vote against saving America’s economy.

Either way, though, is this a party we want controlling Congress? Or the White House? Whether its incompetence or self-centeredness, the fact is that the Republicans failed, big time, causing a stock market crash that cost nearly $1.1 trillion.

Good job, guys. Reagan would be proud.

UPDATE: So the sentiment among conservatives today seems to be ‘the Democrats are the majority! Why didn’t they just pass this on a party line vote?’

Come on. They know better than that. If we had drafted a bill that could have gotten almost every Democratic vote in the House, it would have been a far different bill than the one that failed yesterday. Had we proposed that bill and passed it, the right wing would be screeching today about how the Democrats crammed the bailout down everyone’s throats.

They would have spent the rest of this election running against the bill, attacking Democrats for not coming to them and working out a bipartisan deal. The last thing this legislation needs to be is another election-year political football.

It’s funny that conservatives are attacking Pelosi’s ‘hyperpartisan’ speech for derailing the bill, but are then are turning around and attacking Democrats for not ramming the bill through Congress and being more partisan. Cognitive dissonance, much?

And let’s be honest, the economic rescue legislation is pretty unpopular. There were going to be a lot of votes against it from both parties no matter what the final bill was.

The Democrats worked hard with the Republicans to come up with a bill that would have broad support from both parties. And both parties knew there was going to be a lot of dissent against the bill. But the Republicans and the Democrats had an obligation to deliver a certain amount of votes for the bill. That was the deal. The Democrats met their obligation; the Republicans fell very, very short of what they had promised. Hence the blame-shifting.


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  1. afrankangle · September 30, 2008

    FYI: I did see Rep Eric Cantor (with others standing with him) holding a copy of Speaker Pelosi’s statement, and placing the blame on her.

    And what about the 95 Democrats voting against it?

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