Epic Falin (UPDATED)

Yup, Sarah Palin is still an epic fail:

Turns out that when a major national crisis develops, the American people actually want competent people in charge.

It’ll take more than hockey moms and mooseburgers to fix this economic collapse.

UPDATE: And then there’s this:

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Governor Palin, there has been quite a bit of discussion about your perceived lack of foreign policy experience. And I want to give you your chance. If you could please respond to that criticism and give us specific skills that you think you have to bring to the White House to rebut that or mitigate that concern.

PALIN: Well, I think because I’m a Washington outsider that opponents are going to be looking for a whole lot of things that they can criticize and they can kind of try to beat the candidates here, who chose me as his partner, to kind of tear down the ticket. But as for foreign policy, you know, I think that I am prepared and I know that on January 20th, if we are so blessed as to be sworn into office as your president and vice president, certainly we’ll be ready. I’ll be ready. I have that confidence. I have that readiness.

[Emphasis added]

Someone seems to have a problem understanding the word ‘specific.’