Free Market

Our economic crisis isn’t an accident. It’s not a mistake. This is exactly what conservatives have been pushing for 28 years—a deregulated ‘free market.’

Ever since the days of Reagan, Republicans—including John McCain—have been pushing business deregulation. For decades they’ve told us that the free market fixes all, that the government is the problem and business is the solution and the best thing we could do for the economy is ‘get the government off people’s backs.’

Well, guys, here’s your free market. Is it everything you hoped for?

Let’s be honest here, business regulation isn’t just there to make life difficult for people. It’s designed to prevent the greedy and idiotic business practices that lead to these massive collapses. Most regulations were created and adopted in the wake of major economic failures in order to prevent those failures from happening again. Today’s economy proves that business needs someone looking over their shoulders, making sure corporations are making good decisions and that their drive for profit isn’t taking them down the road to disaster.

Republicans don’t care about you. They don’t care if the economy collapses, they don’t care if you lose your house or life savings or job. All they care about is that corporations make money—and, of course, donate it to them. If they have to dismantle regulations, let business lobbyists write laws and otherwise lay the groundwork for the next economic collapse, so be it.

And when those businesses fail, well, there’s an upside for Wall Street—all those Republicans their newfound profits helped elect can simply bail them out with billions of taxpayer dollars. So even when they lose, they win (but you lose).

Make no mistake about it—this economic crisis isn’t accidental, it’s not a mistake. It’s the natural consequence of conservative governance, where regulations designed to protect consumers and prevent economic collapse are torn down and the ‘free market’ is allowed to reign supreme.