Today, John McCain said ‘the fundamentals of our economy are strong.’

What economy is John McCain talking about? Because I see an economy that isn’t strong—unemployment is up, the dollar is weak, the stock market dropped 500 points just today, banks and mortgage companies are failing, families are losing their houses, prices are skyrocketing, wages are stagnating.

The American people know the economy is in a crisis. Then again, unlike John McCain, we don’t own so many houses we can’t keep track of them all; maybe that’s why we and John McCain don’t see eye-to-eye on the economy.

And now McCain is saying that he can fix this mess. Really, Senator? You’ve been in Washington longer than I’ve been alive. Your party has controlled the federal government for most of the past seven years. It’s the Republican Party and our Republican President who laid the foundation of this economic failure—the same party whose standard John McCain now bears, the same President John McCain stood next to and gladly took an endorsement from.

John McCain and the Republican Party have spent the past seven years spending recklessly, running up huge debts on the American people’s credit card. And now that we’re threatening to take the card away, John McCain is saying that he can fix it, he can make things right, just give him one more chance.

Sorry, Senator, but you had your chance. You had 26 years worth of chances. Instead of strengthening our economy, you stood with the very people who built this economic house of cards, and we’re not going to trust the people who put us in this mess to get us out.

I guess when John McCain talks about ‘change,’ he’s referring to all you’ll have left once his economic policies are done with you.