Party Of Whiners

[pic from BAGnewsNotes]

So, it turns out that the Sarah Palin-Charlie Gibson interview was a disaster for Gov. Palin.

Gibson actually asked some tough questions; at times he actually caught Palin off-guard. When asked about the Bush Doctrine–you know, that ideology that has defined American foreign policy since 9/11–Palin was clueless, stumbling through a confused, wandering answer.

The right’s reaction to the interview is equal parts predictable and pathetic–“how dare he make her explain and defend her beliefs! How disrespectful! Doesn’t he know it’s sexist to question Sarah Palin!? He must be in the tank for Obama!

In other words, more pathetic whining. Are these guys going to let their Presidential ticket get bogged down with this stupid nonsense?

And now Politico is reporting that Palin’s next interview will be with Fox’s Sean Hannity–I guess Gibson didn’t lob her enough softballs for her liking.

A few weeks ago, when Palin was first chosen, I called her selection an epic fail. A few people have asked me since then if I regret my initial characterization.

No, I don’t.

See, Palin gave a good introductory speech and a good speech at the RNC. But both of those speeches–and every Palin speech since–were written by the McCain campaign and fed to her line-by-line. Every event she’s held was carefully choreographed. Palin was even carefully scripted during the Gibson interview–she stumbled when Gibson asked her questions she wasn’t prepped for.

We have 53 days left until the election. It’s going to be a long campaign for John McCain if he thinks he can keep Sarah Palin under wraps–or giving softball interviews to friendly pundits–until November. It’s going to be a long campaign if he thinks he can get away with crying sexism whenever a journalist asks Palin a question that catches her off guard and exposes her unpreparedness.

It’s becoming clear that Sarah Palin’s media honeymoon is over. The press’ fascination with her as someone fresh and new and compelling is ending. The more they try to pin down what her beliefs are and what she would do in office, the clearer it will become that Sarah Palin is unfit for office. This interview is just the first step down that road.