McCain’s Speech (UPDATED)

Honestly, for once I don’t have very much to say.

Palin’s address last night was a good speech delivered poorly.  On the other hand, McCain’s address tonight was a terrible speech delivered even more poorly.

It was a hollow series of bumper-sticker platitudes, a boring laundry list of fuff.  There were no specifics, just a lot of “I will do this” and “I will do that.”

And the lack of substance was made even worse by a terrible delivery–I honestly have to say it was one of the worst speeches I’ve ever heard anyone–Democrat or Republican–give.  And the Republicans in the hall gave McCain a reception roughly as strong as the one they gave Tommy Thompson.  If this is a preview of what a President McCain would be like–Bushean platitudes and hollow rhetoric–I don’t think very many more people are going to run to start line up behind McCain.

I think whatever sparks Palin generated yesterday were put out by McCain’s wet blanket of a speech today.  Like I said before, in a week or two these speeches are going to be forgotten, so this won’t matter much.  But if this is a preview of things to come, McCain-Palin is in for a rude awakening in November.

UPDATE: Hillary Clinton responds:

The two party conventions showcased vastly different directions for our country. Senator Obama and Senator Biden offered the new ideas and positive change America needs and deserves after eight years of failed Republican leadership. Senator McCain and Governor Palin do not.

After listening to all the speeches this week, I heard nothing that suggests the Republicans are ready to fix the economy for middle class families, provide quality affordable health care for all Americans, guarantee equal pay for equal work for women, restore our nation’s leadership in a complex world or tackle the myriad of challenges our country faces. So, to slightly amend my comments from Denver: NO WAY, NO HOW, NO McCAIN-PALIN.

I can’t wait until Monday–I can’t wait to see Hillary Clinton take on Sarah Palin.


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  1. raymond kuppersmith · October 3, 2008

    this’s more of a question than a comment. can a local union President make a statment like this at a membership meeting that, if any union officer or appointed member to a committee didn’t vote for barrack obama should resign? Now; that why people have ploblems voting democrat or in my case this could affect my decision to vote at all, I been a union member for thirty years. and never heard such crap.he even with the distance and said that this was the feeling of the region 8 area. i feel like this is a way that some union officers feel they can use influence member to vote for democrats.

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