Gen. David Petraeus: McCain Is Wrong

John McCain loves the surge.  Not only does he love to take credit for it, he loves to give it credit for the reduction of violence in Iraq.

It turns out John McCain is wrong–at least according to General David Petraeus:

Petraeus Disagrees With McCain, Says Success In Iraq Was Possible Without The Surge

Newsweek reported that while Petraeus recognized that al-Qaeda in Iraq has been significantly diminished, he refused to say the terror group had been “defeated.” Moreover, Petraeus acknowledged that the recent successes in Iraq may have been possible without the surge:

Petraeus is careful not to credit all the progress to the surge of U.S. troops in 2007. The sea change came last year from a series of movements now known as the Awakening. […] So would the Sunni Awakening have succeeded without the surge? Possibly, he concedes.

Wrong on the economy, wrong on Iraq–it makes you wonder what, exactly, John McCain is right on.