Popular Populism

Yesterday, Paul Krugman says:

Al Gore found a new populist fervor in August 2000, and surged in the polls. A comparable surge by Mr. Obama would give him a landslide victory this year.

But it’s up to him. If Mr. Obama can’t find the passion on economic matters that has been lacking in his campaign so far, he may yet lose this election.

[Emphasis added]

Fresh off of his vacation, Obama delivers:

“John McCain and I fundamentally disagree on how we are gonna move this country forward. He ran a negative ad — which is most of the ads he runs — he ran a negative ad that claimed all my economic plan was was higher taxes and that it would lead to economic disaster…I’ve got news for John McCain: My plan’s not gonna bring about economic disaster. We already have economic disaster from John McCain’s president George W. Bush, and we can’t afford another four years or eight years of George W. Bush policies and that’s why we’re gonna beat John McCain in this election to put America on a new path.

[Emphasis added]

More of this, please.