Mucking It Up

I told you that the Republicans weren’t interested in solving America’s energy crisis–they just want to use shameless political theater to score political points.

And here’s the proof:

House Republicans said Monday they would refuse to consider any energy bill that came straight to the floor from the Democratic leadership’s offices, rather than working its way through committee markups — a process that can take weeks or months.

So, first the GOP is demanding we ‘drill here, drill now.’  But as soon as the Democrats put a bipartisan compromise bill in front of them, suddenly the Republicans want it to go through months of committee hearings and markups and other bureaucratic nonsense before they’ll even consider it.

It just goes to show that the Republicans aren’t looking out for us–they’re not trying to lower our gas prices or solve our energy problem.  They’re just trying to milk their political stunt for as many votes as they can get, killing a compromise bill that could have gotten through Congress and started resolving our energy crisis within weeks. Instead, the GOP now wants it to take months.

Democrats try to solve our energy crisis; Republicans do everything in their power to prolong it.  As if there’s any question left as to who has America’s best interest at heart.