John McCain says:

“[The South Ossetian War is] the first probably serious crisis internationally since the end of the Cold War. This is an act of aggression.”

So, here is an (incomplete) list of events that John McCain doesn’t consider serious international crises:

  1. The Gulf War
  2. The breakup of Yugoslavia and the resulting wars & genocide
  3. The genocide in Rwanda
  4. The genocide in Darfur
  5. Mogadishu
  6. The first & second Palestinian Intifadas
  7. The Israel-Lebanon conflict of 2006
  8. The London & Madrid train bombings
  9. The North Korean missile tests
  10. The war in Iraq
  11. The war on terror
  12. September 11th

This is just embarrassing.¬† And we’re supposed to believe that John McCain is a foreign policy expert? Where has he been for the past twenty years?

Like I’ve said, Georgia is a losing issue for McCain because it shows just how out of touch he really is.