American Troops Overseas Donate To Obama 6:1 Over McCain (UPDATED)

Change we can believe in:

According to an analysis of campaign contributions by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, Democrat Barack Obama has received nearly six times as much money from troops deployed overseas at the time of their contributions than has Republican John McCain, and the fiercely anti-war Ron Paul, though he suspended his campaign for the Republican nomination months ago, has received more than four times McCain’s haul.

Despite McCain’s status as a decorated veteran and a historically Republican bent among the military, members of the armed services overall — whether stationed overseas or at home — are also favoring Obama with their campaign contributions in 2008, by a $55,000 margin.

[Emphasis added]

OpenSecrets shows deployed troops giving $60,642 to Obama and $10,665 to McCain. For all military personnel, Obama still leads $335,536 to McCain’s $280,513.

I guess McCain’s 100-year war and vote against the GI Bill aren’t sitting well with American troops.

UPDATE: The response from right-wing bloggers is typical–they’re saying this doesn’t really matter because the overall number of troops donating to Obama is too small.

For people who so vehemently claim to support our troops, they’re awfully quick to marginalize soldiers whose opinions they don’t agree with. I mean, how big would a group of troops have to be to matter to the GOP? Shouldn’t all of our troops matter to them? Or is this just another example of the Republicans only caring about our troops when it’s politically advantageous to do so?


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  1. pamelaofthepoconos · August 14, 2008

    Obama campaign frequently talks about its financial success. How same old…. Wonder how much one vote cost him in the primaries….

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