The Man Who Would Be President

More breaking news this morning:

Mark Warner, Virginia’s former governor and its Democratic candidate for the Senate, has been tapped to be the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention


“Like Barack Obama, Mark Warner is not afraid to challenge the status quo to bring people together and get things moving,” campaign manager David Plouffe said in a statement. “Its that kind of spirit and innovation that resulted in his selection as keynote speaker on a night when we will be discussing how to renew Americas promise.”


Warner, a businessman who became wealthy from work and investments in the cellular telephone industry, ran an exploratory campaign for the 2008 presidential nomination early in the race. He surprised many Democrats when he ultimately decided against running, saying he didn’t want to put the demands of a national run on his family. There was talk he might be a good running mate pick for Obama, but he removed himself from consideration, saying he would only pursue the Senate seat.

I’ve been a fan of Warner’s since 2005, when I met him while campaigning for his Gubernatorial successor Tim Kaine.  I was disappointed that he didn’t run for President, though I’m glad he chose to run for Virginia’s open Senate seat this year.

Warner has a fantastic record in Virginia–he turned VA from one of the worst-managed states in the country to the best. Even though he left office in 2006, Virginia is still enjoying the success Warner built.

Warner and Obama’s political philosophies are extremely similar, making Warner the perfect pick for keynote speaker.  And, hopefully, his moment in the national spotlight will prepare him for a Presidential run come 2016.