Senator Gone Shills For Big Oil

This is hilarious:

McCain also called on Obama to join him in calling for Congress to return from its August recess to pass a comprehensive energy policy.

That’s right–Senator Gone, the most absent Senator in Congress (having missed 63.3% of floor votes), is calling on the rest of Congress to do what he has repeatedly refused to.

Of course, McCain’s motivation is money–lobbying to sell America’s coastline to big oil has been extremely profitable for John McCain, netting him more than a million dollars since he ended his opposition to offshore drilling.

John McCain–once an honorable politician, now a money-grubbing shill for big oil.  How low the mighty have fallen.



  1. Kurt · August 4, 2008

    Nancy Pelosi came flat out and said she was stopping the energy discussion because it would politically hurt democrats. While we suffer, she goes on a five week long vacation, leaving the most important issue facing America up in the air.
    McCain is right to be outraged – as am I.

  2. Democrashield · August 5, 2008

    I’m outraged, too.

    I’m outraged that the Republicans are trying to pawn cheap political stunts off as energy solutions.

    Offshore drilling won’t help us Americans who get slammed every time we go to the pumps. As the government’s top energy forecaster said,

    “It would be a relatively small effect, because it would take such a long time to bring those supplies on,” Caruso said during a briefing at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on the EIA’s new long-term international energy forecast. “It doesn’t affect prices that much.”

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