Kicking The Habit

The problem

The solution

America is addicted to oil.  No matter how high prices climb, we keep coming back for more.

What’s John McCain’s solution?

He says we don’t need to end our addiction–we just need to find cheaper dope.

But the American people know better than that.  We know we need to kick our habit, and we know that it can be done if we  invest in alternative energy–in geothermal, biodiesel, solar, wind and hydroelectric energy.

McCain and the Republicans say it can’t be done.  They say we need to drill more, to rely on coal and oil and gas, to use nuclear power.  They say we can’t develop new technologies, so we should rely on the technologies of the past–finite technologies, flawed technologies, band-aids to our energy crisis.

Years ago, America used to be the world leader in science and technology.  We’ve since lost that status, but the energy crisis has given us an opportunity to change that.  By investing in alternative energy sources, we can both create new jobs and put America back in it’s rightful place as the world’s technological  superpower.

John McCain and the Republicans say no we can’t.  Barack Obama and the American people say yes we can, and working together we will end America’s addiction to oil once and for all.



  1. Afrit007 · July 30, 2008

    One way or another, our addiction to oil will end. We’ll either quit on our own, or be dragged kicking and screaming off the wagon.

    If we do it on our own, on our own terms, we’ll be able to prosper and regain our position of leadership in the world.

    On the other hand, if we continue to behave like addicts, by committing violent crimes against our neighbors and despoiling the land sticking our needles in the ground like addicts poking for the one vein that hasn’t completely collapsed, the result will not be pretty. We will fall, and hard.

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