Ted Stevens’ Dirty Money (UPDATED)

North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole (R) just wrote a $10,000 check to charity.


Because $10,000 is how much money her campaign accepted from Ted Stevens’ PAC. Today, Stevens was slapped with seven federal indictments on corruption-related charges.

Stevens’ Northern Lights PAC has donated money to every single Republican Senator seeking re-election, including:

In addition, John McCain 2008 Inc. received a $5,000 contribution from Stevens’ PAC.

You think that, after 2006, the Republicans would have ended their culture of corruption once and for all. But–as the indictment of Ted Stevens shows–old habits are hard to break.

The question is, will the Republicans who benefited from Stevens’ corruption give back his dirty money, or will they prove that the GOP is just too far gone to save? Will those 9 faces above be the new look of the Republican Culture of Corruption?

Only time will tell.

UPDATE: Oregon Senate Candidate Jeff Merkley (D) has called on Gordon Smith to return Ted Stevens’ dirty money.

And it turns out that Smith’s relation to Ted Stevens runs deep–not only did Smith take money from Northern Lights PAC, but Smith’s PAC donated $10,000 to Ted Stevens.


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