Their Newest Talking Point (UPDATED)

So, shortly after Barack Obama’s speech in Berlin today, the right wing started shopping around their newest talking point.

Ready for the stupidity? It goes something like this–Barack Obama gives speeches in front of large crowds of enthusiastic supporters.  You know who else gave speeches in front of large crowds of enthusiastic supporters? Hitler.  Therefore, Obama is like Hitler.

No, I’m not kidding.

Now, let’s ignore the fact that this is a grade-school-level taunt, on the level of “you’re a vegetarian? Well, you know who else was a vegetarian? Hitler! I guess that makes you like Hitler, huh!?”

Instead, let’s focus on the fact that Republicans are calling someone else fascistic.  Republicans, who gladly handed our freedoms and liberties over to the state in exchange for security.  Republicans, who argued that–since we’re “in a time of war“–the government and the President were unimpeachable, and anyone who criticized them was a traitor.  Republicans, who were all in favor of granting the government in general–and the Presidency in particular–nearly limitless powers, all in the name of Homeland Security.  Republicans, who let their own party get turned into a cult of personality centered around George W. Bush.  Republicans, who revered a President who–as a defining moment of his Presidency–dressed up in military regalia, landed a fighter jet on a warship, and spoke about the glory of war in front of a massive flag banner and dozens of uniformed soldiers.

Yeah, those Republicans are calling someone else a fascist.

I know, I know, the GOP doesn’t actually believe Osama’s a fascist.  They’re spewing this nonsense because they’re terrified–they’re watching as popular conservatism, the ideology that has dominated America since the days of Nixon, gets replaced with a different ideology, a liberal ideology.  They fear that their stranglehold on the American polity is coming to an end, and that their carefully-built political machine will come crashing down around them.

In short, Republicans know that the enthusiasm gap is going to cost them this election, so they’re trying to make up for that by making being an Obama supporter toxic.

Fortunately, after years of their nonsense, the American people aren’t listening to conservatives anymore. Plus, this talking point isn’t even new, it’s just a repacked version of the “Obama is a cult leader messiah” garbage that didn’t get any outside of  the radical right.

The bottom line is that the GOP is terrified because they know their 25 years of political dominance are coming to a definitive, devastating end.

Personally, I say good riddance.  Couldn’t have happened to more fitting people.

UPDATE: Also, isn’t it nice to see foreign crowds cheering for an American leader instead of protesting him? Isn’t it nice to see them waving American flags instead of burning them? A guy could get used to a sight like that, let me tell you…


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  1. dbabbit · July 25, 2008

    Yah Obama! I have heard a few people say they weren’t voting for him because of his skin color and I ask them if they are willing to give up any more rights, because that’s what the Republicans are working to take away.

    Personally, I don’t care what color the man’s skin is. The fact is, we need some who knows how to use the gray matter between his ears. We need a Democrat in office to get us out of the mess we’re in.

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