Over There

Today’s Electoral Map (from FiveThirtyEight): Obama 312.4 EV ; McCain 225.6 EV

Right now, more American and allied soldiers are dying in Afghanistan than Iraq.

The New York Times reports:

One factor in the consideration is the pressing need for additional American troops in Afghanistan, where the Taliban and other fighters have intensified their insurgency and inflicted a growing number of casualties on Afghans and American-led forces there.

More American and allied troops died in Afghanistan than in Iraq in May and June, a trend that has continued this month.

Afghanistan has been backsliding for years, and now that devolution is happening at a disturbing pace.  We’re losing more soldiers in Afghanistan than Iraq, even though we have far more troops in Iraq.

As we Democrats have been saying for years, Iraq is distracting us from the real war on terror.  At best, we’re unable to go after the terrorist groups that pose a threat to the United States; at worst, our misadventure in Iraq is fueling those same groups.

We’ve done everything we can militarily in Iraq.  There is no mission left to accomplish, no military goal that can be reached.  The only progress left to be made in Iraq is political–uniting the Iraqi government, the Iraqi people and their factions for the security of their country.

We need to bring our troops home.  We need to rebuild our broken military.  We need to take care of our veterans.  And we need to re-commit ourselves to Afghanistan, where the Taliban is making a troubling resurgence.  What we need to do is start working with Pakistan to get access to the federally-administered tribal areas, where terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda are operating with impunity outside the law.

The Republicans got us into Iraq, and they want to keep us there in the vain hope that they can vindicate their disastrous war.  But, as the past five years have shown, Republicans can’t be trusted with America’s security; they can’t be trusted with America’s military.  It’s time for we Democrats to clean up the mess they’ve made and to reorient us toward fighting America’s true enemies.