A Place Called Unity

Today’s Electoral Map (From FiveThirtyEight): Obama 319.9 EV ; McCain 218.1 EV

The Washington Post reports:

Obama and Clinton will travel to the town of Unity, N.H. — which gave each candidate 107 votes in its January primary — this morning for their first public appearance together.


Yet both campaigns said that the planning of the Unity event has been smooth, with Mo Elleithee, a Clinton spokesman, and Kim Molstre, a scheduler, handling much of the back-and-forth on behalf of the shuttered campaign.

Donors said they have found similar signs of progress. Kirk Wagar, a top Florida fundraiser for Obama, said that he has “been shocked at how quickly a lot of my friends who were helping Senator Clinton have come on board” and that “I would like to think our folks would have gone as quickly, but I don’t know that.”

He added: “It’s been a lot less bumpy than I expected.”

Longtime Clinton fundraiser Robert Zimmerman also said he has seen progress over the past few weeks.

“Look, you don’t achieve energy and excitement through a press release or a sound bite or a rally. It takes time,” he said. “I have never seen a candidate work as hard as Hillary has to build unity.”

Zimmerman said that he has spoken with Obama advisers and that he thinks they are sincere in their desire to see him and others join the campaign.

“I think they’re clearly making efforts,” he said. “From my discussions, they are very committed to including the Clinton fundraisers. It’s funny: The stakes are so high, and the choice is so clear, that it’s now beyond partisan politics. It’s really about changing the direction of the country. Everyone is really pulling together. Every day, I see new examples of that.

“Everyone has checked their egos at the door.”

Our nation stands at a crossroads. Either we will go right and continue the failed policies of George W. Bush and his Republican Party, or we will go left and usher in a new era of change in progress in this great country of ours.

Changing the future of a nation isn’t easy. We’re going to need all the help we can get–we’re going to need every change-minded, conscientious American working hard to get this done. America is hungry for change, and the first stop down the road to fixing this great country of ours is right in Unity, New Hampshire.

You can watch the event live on CSPAN.