Progressive America

Today’s electoral map: Obama: 308.5 EV ; McCain: 229.5 EV

NBC News and The Wall Street Journal have been asking Americans one fundamental question:

In thinking about the next president that we’ll be electing, which of the following two statements comes closer to your point of view? (IF “BOTH,” ASK:) I understand that you feel that they are both important, but if you had to choose the ONE statement that comes closer to your point of view, which would you choose?

Statement A: This is a time to have a president who will focus on progress and help move America forward.

Statement B: This is a time to have a president who will focus on protecting what has made America great.

Obviously, answer A represents a progressive viewpoint, while answer B represents a conservative viewpoint.

Here’s the interesting part–in November, 2007, the responses to this question were split nearly 50-50. In March 2008, the split was 57% for statement A and just 39% for statement B.

Today, 59% of respondents pick the progressive option, while only 37% choose the conservative option.

I don’t need to tell you which candidate in this election represents change, and which candidate represents tradition. But at this point, America is tired of the tradition the GOP is trying to sell us–the tradition of a failed foreign policy, fiscal mismanagement, corruption, disastrous economic policies; a tradition of greed, a tradition of failure.

It’s no wonder America is ready for change. And this year, they know exactly which candidate is going to give it to them.