Game On

We are all Democrats.

We are all on the same team, now.

Today, Biden supporters, Kucinich supporters, Richardson supporters, Dodd supporters, Vilsack supporters, Gravel supporters, Edwards supporters and Clinton supporters are now all Obama supporters

We all believe in fixing our economy, in ending this war, in providing health care to all, in taking care of our veterans, in ending global warming, in creating new jobs, in restoring our constitution and fixing this great country of ours.

As Hillary Clinton said today, the stakes are too high. John McCain supports in the same policies, the same ideas, the same disastrous decisions that George W. Bush does. John McCain stands with George Bush and wants to make George Bush’s policies permanent. America cannot afford a third Bush term; America cannot afford John McCain.

Today, the real fight begins. It’s Barack Obama vs. John McCain, fighting for nothing less than the future of this great country of ours.

We’re united. We’re ready. Republicans, you better be prepared–millions of Americans are ready to send Barack Obama to the White House, and we’re going to stop at nothing to ensure that your deathgrip on this beautiful country of ours comes to an end, once and for all.

All together now: Barack Obama for President!

All together now: Yes We Can!

Game on.



  1. Patriot · October 18, 2008

    Think again.

  2. Democrashield · October 18, 2008

    Check the polls.

    Or are all the polls wrong, just like conservatives claimed in 2006–right before you lost both houses of Congress?

    Are you guys STILL using Karl Rove’s math?

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