Good News & Bad News

The good news: Ted Kennedy successfully underwent surgery to remove his malignant brain tumor yesterday:

An operation to remove a malignant tumor from Sen. Edward Kennedy’s brain was successful, and the Democrat should suffer no permanent damage from the procedure, his surgeon reported Monday.

The patient himself expressed satisfaction.

“I feel like a million bucks,” Kennedy said after the surgery, according to a family spokesperson. “I think I’ll do that again tomorrow.”

Kennedy’s doctor’s statement focused on the 3½-hour operation, which was performed at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. “I am pleased to report that Sen. Kennedy’s surgery was successful and accomplished our goals,” Dr. Allan Friedman said in a written statement issued after the procedure.

“Sen. Kennedy was awake during the resection, and should therefore experience no permanent neurological effects from the surgery.”

Friedman called the resection “just the first step” in Kennedy’s treatment plan, which is to include radiation and chemotherapy

The bad news: West Virginia’s Robert Byrd was hospitalized last night:

Sen. Robert Byrd was hospitalized Monday night, a spokesman said.

The 90-year-old Democrat from West Virginia appeared lethargic when he arrived at his Senate office Monday afternoon in preparation for a vote on global warming, the spokesman said.

After the vote, he returned home, where his caregiver noticed the same symptoms, took his temperature and discovered he had a fever, the spokesman said.

Upon the recommendation of his doctor, who was reached by telephone, Byrd was taken to a hospital, where he was expected to remain overnight for observation, the spokesman said.

We wish Senator Byrd all the best, and our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family today.