Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow is June 3rd, when South Dakota and Montana go to the polls and finish off the five-month-long Democratic Presidential primary.

Right now, every piece of news coming out of the Clinton campaign points to one undeniable conclusion–tomorrow, Hillary Clinton will end her sixteen month race for the Democratic nomination.

Right now, The Huffington Post is reporting this:

Hillary Clinton has summoned top donors and backers to attend her New York speech tomorrow night in an unusual move that is being widely interpreted to mean she plans to suspend her campaign and endorse Barack Obama.


“This has never happened before,” one donor said, referring to the personalized request by email to attend the event in New York Tuesday night.


Earlier in the day it was reported that Clinton staffers were being urged by the campaign’s finance department “to turn in their outstanding expense receipts by the end of the week,” another sign that the run at the White House was nearing an end.

In addition, Politico is reporting:

Members of Hillary Clinton’s advance staff received calls and emails this evening from headquarters summoning them to New York City Tuesday night, and telling them their roles on the campaign are ending, two Clinton staffers tell my colleague Amie Parnes.

The advance staffers — most of them now in Puerto Rico, South Dakota, and Montana — are being given the options of going to New York for a final day Tuesday, or going home, the aides said.

Advance staff are responsible for setting up candidate appearances–if the Clinton campaign is shedding advance staff, it means they aren’t planning any campaign events anytime soon.

This has been a long time coming.  Clinton lost the nomination a long time ago.  Even under the rosiest scenarios her path to the nomination was nearly nonexistent; the resolution of Florida and Michigan netted her no real advantage over Obama.  At this point, there is little left for her to hold on to.

But we should always remember that Hillary Clinton made history.  She was the first woman to get this close to the Presidency.  She performed exceptionally well despite a hostile media, despite a Republican Party mired in gutter politics, and despite facing one of the most popular, charismatic, talented politicians in modern American history.  Nobody can deny that Hillary Clinton has continued to break down barriers for women in in this country–when America inaugurates it’s first woman President, that person will have Hillary Clinton to thank.

Hillary Clinton will always enjoy a place in the history books.  And months from now, when we’re in the heat of the Presidential election, when Hillary Clinton is one of many strong voices advocating for Barack Obama,  I think we’re going to look back at the primary and laugh at how out-of-hand it got.

I expect Clinton to make her announcement tomorrow night, after the results of Montana and South Dakota are announced.  After that, the Democratic Party’s real work will begin.