McCain’s Lobbyist Problem

Former Texas Senator Phil Gramm is one of John McCain’s major economic adviser; he crafted McCain’s mortgage relief policy and speech.

Well, it turns out that–up until late April–Gramm was a lobbyist for the Swiss bank UBS, which has a clear interest in crafting mortgage relief legislation favorable to their business and unfavorable to their customers.

So one of McCain’s major economic policies was written by a banking lobbyist with a clear conflict of interest.  If McCain will tolerate this kind of influence-peddling on his campaign, how far will he let it slide if he’s elected President? Can America really afford another four years of lobbyists running the show in Washington?



  1. goodtimepolitics · June 7, 2008

    Obama has all those lobbyist working for him and he needs to get rid of them like McCain did!

  2. Democrashield · June 8, 2008


    Your post references one person who is a supposed lobbyists, and she works for the DNC, not the Obama campaign. Nothing you cite shows any problem with the Obama campaign itself; compare that to the fact that McCain’s campaign is run by special interest lobbyists.

    Also, if you’re going to try to prove that Obama and the DNC have a lobbyist problem, you probably shouldn’t cite an article entitled “DNC Will Refuse Funds From Lobbyists, PACs.”

    Face it, McCain has sold himself to K Street. None of the idiotic talking points you come here to spew are going to change that fact.

  3. goodtimepolitics · June 8, 2008

    Sorry to disappoint the Obama supporters that their man is and has in fact taken money from lobbyist which he has said he has not! Obama and the democratic party has the same problem as all parties has had in the past! Taken money from Lobbist and it will not stop! My blog was stating many more than just the one!

  4. goodtimepolitics · June 8, 2008

    Here is a blog of my back in May! Obama has the same problems as McCain had, the only thing is McCain removed the lobbyist from his campaign camp and Obama has done nothing about the ones working for him!

  5. Democrashield · June 10, 2008

    Sorry, but no dice.

    You keep saying that McCain removed the lobbyists from his campaign camp, but he didn’t. There are still dozens of lobbyists working on his campaign, from the bottom all the way up through his inner circle.

    People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones; if you’re going to try to connect Obama to lobbyists, you should have spent some time looking into McCain’s lobbyist-run campaign.

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