Wealthy Celebrity Pundits Are Not Regular Americans

You know what I hate?

I hate when millionaire celebrity media pundits act like they know anything about what regular Americans are like.

Take this, for example. Barack Obama goes to a diner in Indiana and orders orange juice; nothing out-of-the-ordinary there, right? Yet, celebrity pundits Chris Matthews and David Shuster–whose contracts are worth the income of several middle-class families combined–call Obama’s beverage choice ‘weird.’

You walk into nearly any working-class house in America and I bet you’ll find a carton of OJ in the refrigerator. In fact, I would venture to say that millions of Americans drink orange juice for breakfast. There’s nothing weird or unusual or elitist about it. Yet, the pundits insist otherwise.

Now, take this instance. Barack Obama goes to Iowa and mentions the price of arugala as an indication of how high food costs have risen. Afterwards, millionaire media pundits start calling Obama an elitist, saying that the people of Iowa are too stupid to know what arugala is.

As it turns out,

In fact, arugula is grown by local farms in Iowa and is widely available in stores throughout the state, including Cleverly Farms in Mingo, Iowa, and Mariposa Farms in Grinnell, Iowa. Moreover, vendors at numerous farmers markets, including the Davenport Farmer’s Market and the Ames Farmers’ Market, sell arugula directly from farms to consumers. Several Iowa grocery stores also carry arugula; the website of Hy-Vee, a large grocery chain headquartered in, and with four stores in, West Des Moines, Iowa — approximately 22 miles from Adel, Iowa, where Obama made his arugula remark — offers tips on cleaning and serving arugula, as well as several recipes featuring it.

Yup–not only do Iowans know what arugala is, a good number of them even grow it themselves.

Here’s the latest incidence of celebrity media pundits launching a ridiculous attack against Barack Obama. During a campaign stop, Obama went into a bar and played a round of pool; afterwards, the millionaire media pundits criticize him again, saying that only rich people play pool.

How many working-class bars and pubs in America have pool tables? The pundits weren’t talking about Obama owning a pool table–they were talking about him going to a bar that had a pool table.

These wealthy media pundits are pushing the same tired storyline they have been for years–Democrats are always, as they portray it, out-of-touch elitists. If they can’t find anything that justifies their story, they just make it up, plain and simple.

Orange juice. Arugala. Pool. None of these things are high-end or elitist. Yet, if you watch the news, you’d be told otherwise. Most insultingly, you’d be told otherwise by a wealthy celebrity pundit who doesn’t have the slightest clue of what regular Americans are really like.